It's All About Soul

I’ve had the honor to work with Indie Soul and Jazz Artist, Singer, Songwriter and Performer, Serena Sol Brown over the past few years and I was no less excited to work with her recently for a creative portrait session because Serena is the quintessential People-First person.

Her lengthy career developed important annual cultural events like Philadelphia’s Jazz In the Park series at the Morris Estate Cultural Center, as well as gala events for the VNA of Greater Philadelphia in East Falls and the EMIR Healing Center in Germantown. Serena continues to mentor young and emerging Indie artists across the United States. I’m sure I don’t know the half of all Serena has done to build up the Indie music scene!

So when we arranged for a portrait session I knew it called for something classy as well as something a little bit out-of-the-box!

We set up a temporary photography studio in her music studio and crafted a multi-colored kaleidoscope of light. The background music set the tone for lots of graceful movement and spontaneous posing. We couldn’t resist making use of the gorgeously soft outdoor light on an overcast New Jersey day and that bad-ass bike!

And guess what?! You can see Serena perform live at the Rusty Nail on April 3, 2020.

Promotional poster for a Live Performance of Serena Sol Brown at the Rusty Nail in Ardmore PA. Serena is looking directly at the camera wearing a black hat, black leather jacket. Pink, yellow and blue colored light falls on Serena and the background.
Promotional poster for Serena’s upcoming live performance at the Rusty Nail

Here are some of the amazing photos we made.

First, we set the tone in Serena’s music studio with lights, backdrop and music for these moody portraits to express her artistic flair.

Once we’d exhausted every possible combination of light, shape and pose, we headed on out into the slightly cool midday air. Serena jumped on her bike and looked the part from the start. Take a look at these …

For more of my creative portraiture, check out the Creative portfolio section on the Chris Baker Evens Photography website.

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